Collected Poems 2011-2014

Treasure (2015)

Oh, our leaves chant a song for the harvest
As we ripen, the reaper looks on
It’s a privilege to live to an ending
And an honor to die in a song

To sob at our summer’s sweet ending
Disguising our tears with our laughing
We cry for the story that’s over
We smile because the time happened

So for all of the pain and the pleasure
All the proud, stubborn vows in our hearts
Let there be peace perhaps pending
And let there come light to our dark

To be lost in a moment fermata
To be found at the helm of a pen
Who is to say we cease living—
And don’t come back to feel it again?

A summer remembered forever
All the shine of our history a spark
Each alone yet together forever
Yet alone we forever depart

A nigh autumn awaiting our harvests
An extinction eclipsing our paths
A young God has a plan for an ending
We look drunk at each other and laugh

There is nothing that love cannot weather
There are fires dare devils not start
We went over the rainbow together
Now with treasure we each must depart